Gianni Orsini High-End Product Design & Creative Direction

The Five Reasons

Gianni Orsini aims to be the best at what he does: designing
appealing products. Meaning: going beyond the obvious, expelling
the superficial, always telling a layered story.

Gianni likes to focus; on design strategy, product design and
creative direction up to market introduction. The market focus is on
high-end products and luxury goods, stemming from a deep-rooted
interest and a multi-faceted experience in the industry.

Article Millionaire Magazine (PDF)

Gianni works effectively. Often, the first idea that comes to mind is
the winning one. Combining this effectiveness with perfectionism can
be challenging, but 20 years of experience do help here.

Gianni does not consider his clients to be clients, but partners.
Creating synergies, building strategies, feeling proud, having a
laugh.... together. (The laughing part is considered so important that
it might become the 6th reason.)

And most importantly: with a background in design strategy and PR,
Gianni has conceptual vision. Not merely of the product aesthetics, but a vision
of the bigger picture: how a partner and their product can really stand
out and be truly original, how every aspect of a product introduction
should be aligned and consistent. Until every detail feels right, and
the partner's ambitions are visualized.

Gianni Orsini starts with the end goal in mind.